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So…farmers live longer than non-farmers…I wonder why?

So…farmers live longer than non-farmers…I wonder why?

Being an inventor after going to college for theatre…isn’t a normal transition. Nothing about Devin T. Robinson X “Egypt” is normal…so…it’s fitting.

Egypt started off acting on stage, speaking at TEDx Talks, producing award winning films. Then founding an advocacy organization designed to teach about HIV/AIDS and writing multiple books on obscure areas of intimate relationships. This trajectory isn’t predictable or traditional but it’s service led. A desire to be of service directs his imagination. The aforementioned resulted in multiple patents and inventions aimed at bettering the world.

From creating a solar powered mosquito repellent system, a hygienic pod which reshapes entertainment seating and now, a device designed to feed the world, his desire to make the world better…is his only mission.

F.R.O.M.A.E.N.G (Farming Regenerative Organic Meals Automatically Naturally Guaranteed also known as Organic Pod) is a key ingredient in ending the suffering of food insecurity, food deserts and malnutrition in impoverished neighbors. For Egypt to be the visionary behind this…is fitting.

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