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Sad People Eat Fake Food

Sad People Eat Fake Food

F.R.O.M.A.E.N.G Pod/Organic Pod

F.R.O.M.A.E.N.G is a technique to grow food. The Organic pod is a device which combines aquaponics, poultry farming, vermiculture, traditional plant agriculture, proprietary technology and cultivation of aquatic weeds to feed fish. After a year of the ecosystem being established, the entire system runs automatically* and is powered by solar.

Annually, the Organic Pod produces 300-500 fish, 1-7300 eggs and almost unlimited fruits and vegetables. After the first year, the system feeds itself* without the need of store-bought feed.

Devin T. Robinson X “Egypt”

Devin T. Robinson X “Egypt” is the inventor of F.R.O.M.A.E.N.G Pod. With a passion for clean eating, exercise and innovation, he desires nothing more than to create a world where organic food is the norm, sustainable, easily accessible, inexpensive and helps the world’s food ecosystem to heal.

*If you grow your own aquatic food, such as duckweed, you won’t have to buy feed for your fish (depending on breed). Your fruits, vegetables and food waste can feed your chickens.

F.R.O.M.A.E.N.G Pod/Organic Pod